Bloody Flash Games as Recreation

We all know that we cannot stop our sadistic nature once you always feed it with something violent, especially playing with your console games for long hours. Now, as someone who is at the right age with one of a dark issue you need to keep that unstoppable desire eating what it wants-violence. When on work, you cannot just bring your console and plug it in on your office and play it until you ooze out with pleasure and that is why Flash Games are made.


Flash Games are interactive games that are suited best for internet and mobile applications. They are type of game applications that is ran by a Flash® that is owned by Adobe. Like any other games, there are tens of thousands to choose from and since you’re into gore and violence, we took the liberty in making it easy for you to find the best you are planning to play.


Bloody Rage

The fine blend of Brutality and your classic stickmen game, Bloody rage is an action pack game that will sure ease your urge as it is filled with dozens of fatalities. It includes some martial art skill that you will come to have as you upgrade. It is the perfect game for office workers who need to focus a lot with their beastly nature in a calm approach.



No one could ever thought that the thriller game could become a flash game, except for the maker himself. Doom as we all know is horrifying and is only intended for those who have courageous hearts to face death as you venture in the place together with the monsters that you are intended to watch out for. Doom in flash game still has that sense of surprise though just to remind you ahead of time.

Bloody Pacman

No one really hates this guy even if he’s the one who consistently eats his opponents away, but turning this game a little bit gory made PACMAN more awesome. From those cute munches he does to horrifying crunches he makes to his poor ghost enemies, completes the essence of violence and sadistic approach of the game.


Whack Your Boss

The best game that everybody could give you once you feel like hitting your boss with your beastly instincts. It might be sad that we cannot do it in reality because of the human rights and laws being implemented, so we channel our mad desire to a game and as the name of the game suggests, you whack your boss. There are 17 ways as how you want to whack your demanding boss, ranging from hitting him with a gulf club to threatening him with a chainsaw and at the end of the day, you will still saw him with it.


All this games are intended only for those who understand their real nature as a man. The game does not convince anybody to do it in an actual manner; it is only to serve our minds’ dormant sadistic desires.


Why Violent Games or Shooting Games Are Popular

Have you ever wondered why most people, kids or teenagers love to play violent games? Where they tend to shoot zombies or even kill humans? Well, one thing is for sure—violent games bring extreme excitement to players. In this kind of game, they will be able to do things that they want to do in reality but without hurting anybody. It gives them the feeling of real action, thrill and excitement. It even let players wear different mask and that means they can change from one character to another like being a police or a gangster or a robber or even a psychopath. You can try different games on here just click to get on

In addition to that, players can experience the feeling of using real guns, bombs, laser swords, high tech machines and all that. In this way, they will be able to wear the shoes of the character. But isn’t this bad for kids? Isn’t this the kind of learning they shouldn’t do? Violent games give them freedom, but aside from the violent reactions or situations they get when playing. These kinds of games are not just about killing or shooting, it increases the player’s intelligence in doing things that they can apply in reality. Well, not the literal shooting or killing but the management skills, the ability to adapt from certain situations, be able to respond for the right thing to do and etc. are just some of the few things that players can benefit from playing violent games.

In fact, these kinds of games aren’t just played by men, it is also played by women especially nowadays where they get to choose from different characters which attracts girls to play violent games. And with the added features like specialized guns or skills, which makes their character stronger, would really make them love it even more.

Other reason that makes most players love violent games is that, they are curious of how to deal in a certain situation, they want to express their emotion, sometimes they just want to get into the game because they love the features of the game or the opponents that they are going to kill are just perfect for them and etc. People have different reasons why they love to play violent games but the bottom line is that, they want to experience the feeling of thrill and excitement in this kind of game.

Well, you can freely choose from wide variety of violent games from army games, shooting category, killing and many more. You just have to find the right online website that offers violent games that suits your kind of taste and you can absolutely play it for free online. Most popular violent games are played recently are killing zombies, become an army, whacking your ex, autopsy or operations, using snipers and a lot more, so if you really want to feel the excitement and be thrilled, then you might want to start looking for the best violent games and get ready for the real action.


Violent Games As A Form of Entertainment



Some parents are very opposed to letting their children play combat games, shooting games and other forms of violent games. Parents say that these violent games might bring harm to the behavior of their children and that it might cause them to be aggressive individuals. This might be true, especially if children play these games without any parental guidance. They may copy the aggressive acts they see in these violent video games but that can be avoided with proper parenting. If only parents were more hands on and spend a little time when their children play such games then their children will learn that the actions in those violent games are only good for those characters and are not good for themselves. With proper guidance from parents, playing these shooting games and combat games can be harmless. Thus, these violent games are still a good form of entertainment not only for kids but also for adults who want to distress.


Another proof that shooting games and combat games area good form of entertainment is that is brings fulfillment to those who play it. Fulfillment in a sense comes when you accomplish a level with your very own handiwork and tactics; it brings you happiness and self-fulfillment. It can boost your self-confidence that you can achieve and complete goals even in just a video game. It also helps players release anger and stress. Since combat games and shooting games are very interactive games, they sometime become the outlet to vent our your emotions to. If you had a hard time in the office or at school, you can kill some of your opposing troops and shoot your opponents just to ease the tension inside you.


They have been proven to help in losing some of your body tensions especially in your emotions. Aside from its entertainment value and the purpose of releasing your anger, violent games can also help develop some of your skills. By just playing shooting games and combat games, some of your natural skills are sharpened and are developed. The skills that can be easily improved and develop through playing these videogames include your eye-hand coordination, your critical and mental thinking and the attention span you have in things. The eye-hand coordination if you may ask will be developed since your videogames require both your eyes and hands attention while playing. And they both function simultaneously; through constant playing you will easily develop to control both things easily at the same time.


On the other hand, your critical thinking will surely improve by just playing combat games since you need to plan and strategize your techniques to defeat your opposing troops. Those who spend long hours of playing tend to generate functional ideas faster than those who do not play. Playing interactive games like these videogames also improves your attention span since you need to focus on the game for longer time. With this, you develop a skill in which you do not get easily distracted by other stuff that don’t matter and will focus your attention to the task at hand. Having a long attention span is helpful not only in school but also when doing activities that needs a lot of focus. If you have a short attention span sure thing is you will not be able to finish your work since you easily get bored and distracted.


Although violent games like combat games sound aggressive, they are still a good form of entertainment both for kids and adults. Just remember that if you allow your children to play these games, you give them reminders about how these aggressive acts are not a good thing to do in real life and may pose harm to them if they imitate it. Shooting games, combat games and other violent games are still an enjoyable hobby. Just know that the acts done in the games will not give you any form of reward when done in real-life.